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Wilson Liu, CFP®

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Associate Financial Advisor at Stone Steps Financial


My mother told me years ago that one of her biggest regrets was not purchasing a house she might leave me one day. She wished she didn't invest her savings in a whole life insurance policy for decades. And now, it was too late. She was sold something that she didn't truly understand, not given all the facts.

I wish to help people better save for retirement, the first down payment on a house, or a child's college education. I'd like families to have no more financial regrets.

​After a 20-year career in Information Technology, I was ready for a change and joined an industry I'm truly passionate about: Financial Planning focused on high-tech workers and their financial goals.



For Financial Planners (Aspiring or Current)

  • Financial Planning Career Resources — Looking for a financial planning position? Trying to expand your existing practice? Here are resources that can help.

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) Fridays — Questions about breaking into the financial planning industry? Finding a great firm to work for? As a career-changer who passed the CFP® exam in November 2021, started my first job in financial planning in February 2022, and earned my CFP® certification in February 2024, I just went through this! I also started a weekly associate advisor and paraplanner compensation and benefits survey in June 2023. Sign up for a Zoom meeting to chat with me about those things, or anything else on your mind.

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