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Updated March 15, 2024


  1. Measure Twice Planners CFP® Education Scholarships — "Through the generosity of Measure Twice Planners members and the Boston Institute of Finance, we are excited to announce the gift of 3 full-ride CFP® education scholarships to aspiring financial planners seeking financial assistance. We are currently accepting applications to receive a full scholarship to the instructor-led (virtual) CFP® education program at Bryant University (BIF): Spring Cohort from May 1st to December 18th, 2024. — The application deadline is March 29."

  2. CFP Certification Scholarship List — "... an increasing number of scholarships are now becoming available to CFP certificant candidates to help offset the cost of tuition, ... conferences, CFP exam prep classes, and exam fees. CFP certification scholarships are awarded both on a needs-based and merit-based basis, with a growing number of specific scholarships reserved for individuals from underrepresented groups to help improve the inclusivity of the financial advisor community."

  3. Lucy Shair Foundation for Women in Finance grants — "...$5,000 financial grant each year to women who are working to become, or who already are, a financial advisor, in order to help offset expenses that pose barriers to entry or barriers to advancement."

  4. CFP Board Scholarships and Financial Aid — "As you begin the path to CFP® certification, you may have questions about how to finance your coursework. We can help with some financial resources and opportunities."

  5. Financial Planning Association Scholarships — "Scholarship opportunities to those in the profession to attend FPA conferences and engage with the community."

  6. XYPN CFP® Exam Scholarship Programs — "We believe in the CFP® Certification — In an effort to ensure more consumers have access to competent and ethical financial planning services, XYPN's CFP® Exam Scholarship Programs will fully cover the CFP® Certification Examination fee for ten recipients each CFP® Exam cycle."

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